How doth the little busy bee improve each shining hour, and gather honey all the day from every opening flower!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I have been told (by a forum buddy of mine) that I am in the midst of a SWAP frenzy! I believe I am! LOL! Swaps are great fun & HIGHLY addictive! You can meet some of the nicest people by doing a SWAP!

This month alone I have done a Secret Pal swap, a Happiness swap, a Spooky Thyme swap, Two different Fall swaps, & two personal swap I am doing with a prim buddies of mine! LOL! I have learned so much about these women & have had so much fun creating prim little gifts for these fabulous people! It puts a smile on my face when I get that primtastic box in the mail! Something that, they too, have made or taken their time to find that "perfect" gift for me!!!

I have posted some pictures of things I have made & received from swaps this month! The little antique child's chair & goodies & the scarcrow box filled with sweet annie & cutting board were a swap gift from my terrific friend Lori (TheBlackCrow) & the "Bee" sampler & gifts were from my prim buddy Tricia (Hillcresthome)! We could ALL use an extra dose of HAPPINESS in our lives so what are you waiting for.....GET BUSY...and find you a swap partner!!


  1. I sent out your swap I hope you enjoy it ! Sorry it went out today !

    Great Photos ... So Agree Swaps are so "Fun"


  3. oh I am loving the things you have gotten and the ghost..he is too cute.;) man you are in a swap friend-zy..I had no idea how many you were in.;) how are you keeping it all straight?

  4. Im loving All the swap goodies.
    And I agree, I love doing swaps!!
    That ghost is amazing!!
    Did you send or recieve him?


  5. I made & sent the ghost out! :) He is a tomato cage ghost! You place him over a tomato cage you have wrapped with lights! :) thanks! :) I seriously have to get better at posting pictures & organizing this blog! still new to this! :)

  6. You truly are the BusyBee! That's a lot of swapping!

  7. I would love to see a tutorial on that ghost! He is just too cute! How do you find all those swaps?!?

  8. You sure have been busy! I am only doing two swaps this month and having a hard time keeping up. My hubby expects me to still cook and clean! The nerve of him. lol I am working on a few things for my spooky swap partner so she won't be disappointed. I am lucky she is so understanding! ;) Have a great day Jennifer!

  9. Ooooh Jenny from the "PRIM BLOCK" you are makin me TIRED! LOL I loved doing the secret swap with you and I am glad that we are doing another one!

    I am so glad that you LOVED your little almost didn't get it!! The more I looked at it the more places I could put it! haha
    But I bought it for you!!!

    Thank you for all of my goodies as well.

    You cerntainly live up to your name!
    Glad we are "PRIM FRIENDS"

    Love those caramel apples.....

  10. hey, girl! :) i am soooo glad we have become such great prim pals! you have a great eye for decorating & you are an awesome person!

    yep, i do like to stay busy! can't wait for the new swap with you! did you decide on how mnay & colors?! lol! glad you liked your apples!

  11. Ooo..lots of goodies! I especially love the apples.