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Wednesday, September 15, 2010


My Father is a coach and has been for 35 years! My sister and I were always playing a sport and my Dad was always gone to a game or practice. We had a very busy household! Now I am the parent and we have three children and they are all involved in SPORTS! Our daughter is a cheerleader & track/cross country runner, our oldest son is involved in baseball, football, track, basketball and enjoys playing tennis during his "free" time. Our youngest child plays soccer, baseball, & basketball.

It seems like we are constantly on the move to a ball diamond or gym! Sometimes I find myself frustrated and tired but last Saturday my daughter cheered and my son played a Jr. Pro Fball game at the SIU college stadium, McAndrew Stadium. It is one of the last games that will ever be played at this stadium. They have built a new stadium and are tearing this one down. It was exciting for our cildren to be on this big field where so many fantastic memories have been made! It was also a sad moment because we knew this would be our last visit to this stadium. This stadium had gotten too old!

Which reminded me that one day our children will have gotten too old to play sports and we won't be running after them much longer! So, treasure all those moments spent watching your children on those feilds, courts or diamonds because soon it will be their last. Treasure the time that you are traveling with them in the van to this practice or that game because just for a few moments they are locked in the car with you and you have "special" time to talk and share stories.

So, what are you waiting for? GET BUSY!


  1. AWWW Jen, you made me cry! You are so right and I love my kids so much it hurts to think that they will get to old for mom. But tonight Hunter rode the ferris wheel with me, and I loved that!

  2. cute photo of you all...the boys look like their dad and your daughter looks like you.:) have a great thursday.:)

  3. What beautiful children you and your hubby have been blessed with, You Look like the"ALL"America Family"(ask my one sister-in-law would say/she has four awesome kids)I'm a follower and place your Blog on my Favorite Blog List

    Thanks for thoughtful comments you left on my
    Blog... Thanks for following...
    Prim Hugsss