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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Deck the Halls

After weeks of trying to decorate while I run to ball games, practices, work, appointments and dates with my man :) I have FINALLY finished decorating the house for Christmas! :) So here is a VERY picture heavy post of my home.....

It seems like it should be easy every year. Things could be placed almost in the same exact spots and should take no time at all. But I ask you....where is the fun in that? You have to change it up! :)

This year I bought a new tree. I figured new tree, right? :) So, then I decided to take my small little Christmas Crows tree and make it the main tree in the house. Notice I said MAIN....there are several trees in this small space. You have to make it festive! :) I actually keep up a few trees all year so they just get redecorated! :) Here are some photos of the Crow tree in the entryway of my home. Yes, I placed my tree RIGHT in front of my door this year!! This is also the first time I have ever put the tree there and I already LOVE IT!! You can actually see my lights through the doorway. You have never been able to see my tree lights and I always hated that.

This idea began with red burlap ribbon......

My next new project was a adding little bonnets to my tree that I keep next to my mantel. I walked into one of my favorite primitive stores ....the Dusty Attic....and she had these adorable little bonnets!!

I thought they looked perfect with my grungy stockings and snowflakes, and new little lanterns.

Love these new little lanterns. Got them at the Dusty Attic as well. :)

This is my tattered & torn little star tree topper.

Here are some more pictures from the entry..... of the pie safe & mantel.....

I don't have many Santas....I love this guy's face. My friend Dolly made him. :)

This is obviously not a working fireplace...just a I place grungy material behind it to hide the wall.

This is a full room view of the entry way. It's packed FULL of Christmas! :)

Next comes the snowman tree!! Most of my house is decorated in snowmen. This tree stays up all  year so I filled it to the top with snowmen, mittens, and sleds!!!

This next tree is my Santa hats and grungy gingers tree :) I love these little gingerbread men from Arnett's.

More pics of the living room.

Old school desk...I still need to write on my chalkboard. :) I think I'm doing a countdown to Christmas. Thanks to a friends' suggestion on Facebook. :)

This bowl of graters is under my entertainment center but I could get a better pic of them in my kitchen.

I redid this old cabinet. I am still loving it :) I added greenery and tucked in some small wooden candy canes.

Full view of this area in the living room.

Here are pictures from around the kitchen.....

bottle brush trees are great to stick in anywhere....

pull out your old Christmas themed cookie cutters....

add grenery wherever you can...this is on top of an old toolbox filled with old granite ware....

tuck festive Christmas greenery and lights on top of Christmas keepsakes inside old slaw cutter boxes

see add bottle brush trees inside old mason jars....they fit perfect :)

make sure you add a manger scene...that is what is MOST important!

OK ....I think that about does it for most of the inside. I will bore you with outside photos next week. :) I still haven't perfected my front porch. :) I have a "new" old piece of furniture out there and I'm still trying to figure out what to decorate it with. :) Plus, I just got another old sled and an old pair of ice skates and they haven't made it into their proper homes. :)

I can't wait to see everyone else's decorations. So, GET BUSY!!! :) That way everyone can enjoy your hard work!! The best part is at night...everything jsut seems so magical. :)

Jillian ejoying our snowman tree :)