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Friday, October 1, 2010

HoMeCoMiNg WeEk!!!!!!

It has been Homecoming Week & that can only mean one thing! The kids are dressing funky! :) lol! My kids dressed like nerds, senoir citizens, wore their shirts inside out, put on CrAzY hats & proudly wore their team colors this week! They had so much fun rummaging through our old rubbermaids trying to find just the right attire for the ever so important craziness we call....homecoming week!

My youngest son & his best friend Justin even brought a football themed snack for each & every day of the week! They had Eagle heads (team mascot), football helmet cookies, football brownies & football rice krispies & even little mini subs shaped to look like footballs!

BETA 201
BETA 208

We also proudly supported our football players & Cheerleaders at the homecoming parade! My niece was even a coronation freshman attendant!

Me & Hubby!

My daughter & her cheer friends! :)

My niece!
So, what are you waiting for....GET BUSY....
Be silly, dress up & show some team spirit! :)


  1. wow you have been busy...;) have a hopefully relaxing weekend.;) you and your hubby are so cute together.:)

  2. I remember Homecoming week growing up was so much fun. Sounds like your kids enjoyed it for sure. BTW.... you look to young to have kids that old! ;)


  3. That sounds like such a fun week, Beautiful family spirit! Always love your pictures! TFS

  4. Just "all" American Country Family.. such
    fun a event for the whole family...
    Enjoyed your photos TFS !!!

    Autumn Blessings

  5. Hi Jenn! I just signed up to follow your blog. Funny thing I did see your blog the other day when I was reading others... Looks like a great homecoming. Beautiful children you have! You are in a swap frenzy aren't you!

  6. Great pics Jen!

    All the homecoming food looks awesome!! Great that your kids will have sooo many great memmories of all this FUN!