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Monday, September 13, 2010

Grandparent's Day!

Yesterday was Grandparent's today at my son's school we had Grandparent's Night! It is an Open House where Grandparents can visit with their grandkids' teachers. This is such an important event to my youngest son! He was super excited to show his Grammy the card he had made for her!

Grandparent's are such VERY special people! I know that we would be lost at my house without the help of my Mother. She helps me SO much with my 3 children & the tons of running we do!

Don't let these holidays go by without telling the ones that mean so much to you how you truly feel. Grandparent's DO NOT require fancy gifts...a hand drawn card made my Mom laugh & cry! :)

So, what are you waiting for....GET BUSY! :)


  1. well now I know where you get your great looks from..your mom is must show us the card he mad for her.;) have a great still shows you not following my you have alot of followers will be doing a giveaway in no time..:)

  2. I remember being the hostess for our schools grandparents day. That year we had record turnout. It was alot of work and the children loved it. To have the opportunity to show off our school, the teachers and the pride the children had in their work made all the effort so worth it. Grandparents are truly very special. One or two even shared stories with their grands classes as to how things were when they went to school.

    Your son looks so proud in the photo.


  3. My grandparents were always a special part of my life and my sons. They are all gone now but there isn't a day I don't think about them and how they helped make me the gal I am today,


  4. Our grandparents day at school was last Friday and I went and had lunch with the two that are in school. A special event each year.