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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Display Chain!! Bonnets!!

I only have a few bonnets. I was worried at first that I would not have anything to post but then I realized that my Mother gave me a very speial bonnet, that I would LOVE to share with you! It is my grandmother's, my Dad's Mother's bonnet! I keep it on a peg rack in my laundry room. It means so much to me beause I never got to meet either of my Dad's parents & having something that was special to her, something she wore everyday, means so much to me!


Next, I have a bonnet that I have hanging on the front of a piece of furniture in my laundry room that is made of red ticking. I am a HUGE fan of red ticking!


My next bonnet is next to my buttery on the wall. It is grungy cream with yellow flowers!


Finally, I have a bonnett & apron set that I swapped for with a great gal named Teresa from Mammy's Treasures! They are green & brown & grungy! They are displayed on a hearthside peg box on my bedroom wall! I love it's LONG tails!!



  1. Those are very pretty. I love red ticking, too!

  2. How special to have your grandmother's bonnet. I have mine too but I couldn't locate it for this post. It is faded and torn, worn and frayed but I love it because she wore it.

    I love the red ticking, too!


  3. Beautiful bonnets. love your displays!
    Thanks for sharing.
    Happy Thanksgiving

  4. wonderful Jen. I have my grandmothers bonnet too.
    Happy Thanksgiving

  5. Great bonnets - love your displays. I have my grandmother's bonnet too.

    Have a blessed Thanksgiving,

  6. Beautiful Bonnets!
    Aren't the Bonnets which get passed down to the next generation, just so perfect!
    Love your Grandmother's Bonnet, so special!
    Happy Thanksgiving