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Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I am currently hosting a swap on the forum The Primitive Pantry. It is called "Gifts of Christmas Past". In this swap participants must buy their parnter 3 antique items & do a "makeover" item for each other!

Makeover items can be so much fun! They can range from the extremely difficult to terribly easy! I think most of the fun that lies in the makeover is the
"finding" of that one speial piece! Something that would look perfect ....if it only had some fresh paint or some "primitizing"!

I have found that some of the BEST "finds" come from little junk stores or in the far back corner, deep in the bins of an antique store!




Recently, while at a soccer tournament in Missouri, my husband & I stopped at a little roadside flea market. This is also a fantastic place to find hidden treasure! While searching through every little nook we could find, we came across an old wooden bowl!!! It was in good shape, with just a little staining on the inside. I knew right away that this was a fantastic find! Also, it had no price on it! Which means you can start fresh with the dealer on a reasonable price.



This dealer knew that wooden bowls were bringing a "pretty penny" at the prim stores so she offered it to me for $10! A GREAT deal would have been $5 but I have seen them in antique stores for MUCH more, so I accepted that offer. I knew that this bowl was going to be transformed into a beautiful new mustard colored bowl, so it was worth the $10 to me!

Here is my "NEW" bowl! I am VERY happy with the results! :)




I have also been "redoing" an old cutting board. You can find reasonably priced cutting boards with unattractive paintings on the front, sand them down, repaint them, and Voila, "new" vintaqe cutting board!

I got this one for $4 at an antique store!

Starting sanding it down....


Painted it...


Sanded it some give it a "prim" look....


Now it is just waiting to be restained! I am already happy with how it is turning out! Don't get me wrong, I am a PRIM girl so I believe MOST things should be left as they were intended. However, some itmes look so much better with a new coat of paint and a little elbow grease! So, what are you waiting for....GET BUSY....and find yourself a makeover!!


  1. the makeovers are looking great! But you know when I saw the photo the first thing out of my mouth was " I know she didn't go somewhere and not bring me home that old washing machine and old stone croc bowl!" but then I instantly forgave you! LOL gotta love those little shops~!

  2. What great makeovers! Your swap sounds like fun!

  3. Your bowl and breadboard turned out great!!!!

    You could try using the Old English tip on my blog for your breadboard if you don't want to mess with the stain!

    Carmen and the Primcats

  4. thanks, carmen! i just may have to do that! i am out of gloves right now so that would probably be better! :)

  5. Great make-overs. I found a bowl just like yours at a flea market and paid $10 for mine too. I haven't painted mine yet, but I love the color you chose.


  6. what a unique swap to do and I love what you have done so far.;)

  7. Hey Jenny from the Prim Block!!

    Great makeovers and what a great deal you got!
    That shop looks like a great place to dig for diamonds! lol

    I am excited about the swap my makeover piece(not done yet! lol) will be doing that over Thanksgiving weekend but I'm all set with everything else!

    Hugs to you,