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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Wood & Rust!!!

Wood & Rust are ALWAYS in style for me! No matter what time of year, my eye is drawn to the items that have been worn down with rust, the old wooden items that have cracked and aged with time, or both (even better)...those items that are a mixture of wood AND rust!!!! :)

My chopper collection!

These next few pictures represent some of the rusty items that I scales. I have several scales now but shown here are a favorite green one and a picture of my HUGE scale next to a regular sized one. I ALWAYS search for the ALL metal, super rusty scales. :)

Rusty candle mold.....

Next, are wooden items.....I seek out the ones that have cracks, and a worn out look. Lots of patina. I love mashers and wooden spoons!!

Slaw cutters, choppers, old grain scoops and sifters are a fantastic way to mix your love of wood AND rust!!


So, GET BUSY.....and find your rusty worn out treasure!!! :)

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  1. Love all your wonderful treasures. I am so wanting some candle molds. The search is so much fun. Love all the neat wooden items too. Thanks for sharing