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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Fall Recap.....

Happy Thanksgiving to all of my blogger friends! It's been an extremely busy Fall season and I should have been posting all, here is a RECAP post. :)
I love to decorate with the funky colored pumpkins, the bumpy pumpkins, the pumpkins with the curly stems, and mums...lots of mums. So here are some pictures from around the outside of my home and the beauties I picked out this year! :)

Another favorite Fall tradition is the Pumpkin Patch! We had a great time at Bandy's with our kids!

Jillian sitting on the pumpkins.

Me & Josh in the corn maze.
After we picked out our pumpkins it was time to carve out a Jack O' Lantern.
Sophi with our "Jack"

Trick or Treating was a great night! We dressed our lil goblins up like Batman & Robin....but with girly flare!!! We had tutus and matching hair bows and bags!!! Oh, and TONS of glitter!! We are STILL finding some in the Jeep!

Jillian as Robin.
Sophi as Batman.
And we can't forget Football Homecoming....

my daughter....ready for the dance :)

her cousin did her hair :)

with her date....
my son with his date....

watching the parade :)

ready for the game in her Purple & Gold school colors

Decorations around the house......

Also we had my daughter's 16th birthday party!!!!! It was a surprise party at THE ANNEX in Herrin, IL. It's an old movie theatre they have redone into an Italian Eatery! She is very much into the OLD HOLLYWOOD THEME (especially since her small role in a film this past Summer). Here are pics from her party.....

Candy bar I made ....

her friends decorated her Firebird ....

and that was my BUSY Fall...I hope you all enjoyed all that the Fall season had to offer with your families! :) Now, GET BUSY ....on making WINTER memories! :)


  1. WOW!! You have been busy!
    Love all your fall decor.
    Especially that pumpkin head scarecrow on your porch. Awesome.
    Your kids looked wonderful for the dance. Loved your daughters hair. So pretty.

    I saw that last photos and thought...
    Wait a second, that's in Herrin right.
    Duh, then I noticed you said the party was at the Annex.
    For a second there I thought I was insane.

    Cant wait to see your Christmas photos.
    Thanks again for the wonderful Fall tour.

  2. Oh, forgot to mention that your little ones looked adorable as Batman and Robin.
    What a cute idea.

  3. Glad to see you posting again more!! Love all your photos...cant believe she is 16...feels like brittany just turned that age LOL Ugh she is almost 19?? what the heck...anyways hope you had a happy turkey day :)

  4. You have been busy! Oh my!
    Love your Fall decorating and Displays!!
    The girls look adorable as Batman and Robin!
    Your son and daughter looked Wonderful for the dance.
    Enjoy your Sunday!