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Sunday, January 30, 2011



Saturday was a great day because I got to go to some fantastic antique stores and search for some "new" used items for my collections!

I decided to start a NEW obsession thanks to Jennifer Bowman! :) She has a great home & a fantastic blog! She recently posted some photos of butter paddles & I fell in love! :) I have always wanted some but had never bought any. After seeing her beautiful collection, I decided to start one of my very own!

I found 4 of them on Saturday and placed them in this little crock on my stoveboard.
I like how some of them have old chippy paint colors.



Then, while out hunting, I found another addition to my rolling pin collection! It is VERy worn and has a slight green color still left on the handles. It was only $3!!!


I found this HUGE slaw cutter for $10! This is only my second cutter but I am "itching" to find more! :)


I like to collect old kitchen utensils. This is my second biscuit cutter but I have NEVER seen one with a green square top?! If you fall in "love", you MUST buy it! :)


I finally bought a nutmeg grater that I have been dieing for! I think I will be wanting more of these as well! I am really liking how rusty it is!


I found a potato masher ...ON SALE! :) I have been wanting some of these too and hadn't gotten any so this will be the start to another collection! I love the handle on this one!


OK and this is not a collection but I think it is going to look just fantastic next to my "woolens" jar! :)





So...what are you waiting for...GET BUSY!!! Go out and search for your collection!


  1. OMG you hit the jackpot. I love old kitchen utensils, sifters, slaw cutters, decoware, enamelware and utensils!!! Love all of your things, you got some great deals!!!

  2. Wonderful post!!
    Great minds think a like...
    I was just thinking about doing a post about collections.
    I enjoyed seeing all your new finds.
    I love old wooden kitchenware!!
    Take Care,

  3. Jenn!
    LOVE everything you got! Have fun with your "new" treasures! It is so great to be inspired by friends collections! And the hunt for more is the best part! Your photos are just beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing! Take care. ~Sarah~

  4. Jenn! You did great! What wonderful finds! GIRL, we sure would get along just fine!!! I love butter paddles, rolling pins, graters, Wooden Mashers.... oh HECK I love all old kitchen utensils!!!!!! I have been looking for Wool Brushes....Gotta get moving before your collection gets bigger! LOL

  5. I love your collection of goodies and I saw a tiny glimpse of the rolling pin sleeve I gave you...would love to see it all.:)

  6. It looks as if we share a passion. I collect all kinds of antique kitchen utensils, as well! I can't even display them all. I'm thinking I need to pick out my favorites and purge the rest. Maybe an on-line sale?

  7. Thank you so much for sharing your collections Jenn! I would love to come visit you some day!

    Debbie K

  8. Wow, you found some great things. I love the way you have them displayed.

  9. What wonderful treasures you found! I wish I had some nice antique shops around my area.

  10. Love love love ALL your new finds!

  11. Great score Jenn!..You found some lovely old kitchen utensils!..wonderful old patinas too!
    Happy Hunting!

  12. All of my favorites! You found some wonderful things.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  13. You have got some wonderful goodies there! Some of my favorite things too! I love the bowl of cookies cutters on the previous post as well.

    I just bought several graters to add to my collection - can't wait until they get here!

    Thanks for sharing!!

  14. Great items!With great prices!
    wonderful pantina!love the slaw cutter!
    And who can't love nutmeg graters!
    enjoy your goodies!

  15. awww im always happy to oblige! prims can be so addicting...cant just have ONE of anything huh?? LOL You have some great cookie cutters! .. I love mashers too!! Love yours!!