How doth the little busy bee improve each shining hour, and gather honey all the day from every opening flower!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

I ordered these adorable carrots from Tracy Heberlie!
It has a Sweet Annie stem. :)

It's finally starting to look Spring in Southern Illinois. :) The birds are chirping, the bunnies are out, and my lilac bush is starting to bloom!!! :) Inside my home it has been Spring Thyme for a few weeks but I am just now able to post photos.
We had a trip to Reno to take first. :)

Here are a few photos from around the kitchen......
My stove board! Complete with little cookie cutter chics. :)

Stole this inspiration from Bowman Homestead ....Thank you. :)

A new HONEY CAN!!! :) Also, a bunny made by my dear friend Dolly Mace. :)

Beeswax bunnies and eggs, along with some fabric carrots, tucked inside a robin egg blue box. Bunny and box made by Misi. :)
Tote sitting in the middle of my bar.


Pics from around the living room.....
This adorable bunny also from Tracy Heberlie.

Fabric birds tucked inside my Spring tree....
made by my dear friend Dolly Mace.

Make anything into a basket...small sifter with egg gourds. :)

Old cabinet that I repainted...on top of cabinet sits my masher collection and a wooden Spring Blessings sign.

And that is SPRING THYME around our home. :) Don't wait around (like the weather has this year)....GET BUSY....and decorate your house in a cheerful springy fashion! It will wash away your WINTER blues!
This antique table that sits at the end of my bar gets small little changes at each season.  Sweet Annie tucked inside of a berry bucket....little birdie cookie cutter....carrots....and Springy message. :)

Sunday, March 31, 2013

SpRiNg SwAp GoOdieS!!

I think it's safe to say we all love SWAPS! I recently took party in Amy's Spring Swap (Bumble Bee Lane). She paired me up with Linda (Country Pickins)! It was so nice to get to know Linda and share a little about ourselves over the last month.
My favorite part about swaps is that people put a lot of care into making special items for those that have been chosen for them. Or buying just the right thing to make your new friend smile. :)  Linda made me smile with the sweetest homemade Bee doll I have ever seen!!! She now sits in my kitchen proudly with other bee related items!!

My home has garden items in most every room. She sent me a birds nest complete with eggs! OH how I LOVE nests!! I nested this beauty in a small child;s chair I have hanging from a peg rack.

Her daughter made me this birdhouse! Craftiness runs in the family! :) Linda also sent me a heart shaped rusty metal tray. I think this will look perfect next Valentine's Day with a nubby candle and rosehips tucked inside. :)

Finally, Linda made me this small grain sack bunny. It fit perfectly inside my bins!! Just in time for Spring! Thanks again, Linda! It was a pleasure! :)

Now, GET BUSY, and craft your friend a SWAP!! ;)

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Wee Bit of Fun

This is a wooden bowl on my kitchen table.
Shamrocks and a butter paddle!
Tomorrow is March 1st! Why not have a WEE bit of St. Patty's Day fun by doing some REdecorating? :)

I do small touches throughout the house. Just replace the salt doughs you had in your old pie plates for Valentine's Day with new green shamrocks, put a new display on your kitchen table, or change out a seasonal tree. Even a little heart cookie cutter that was out in February can be replaced with a vintage Shamrock cutter.

Sink and stove boards are some of the easiest ways to change out decorations for the holidays!

Don't have any Shamrock's? No sweat! Just put your best green forward! Green handled rolling pins (like the one on my stove board), green handled cutters, a green birdhouse, or a picture frame. Even a green scale or sifter can come to the front of any display and make your home a WEE bit cheerier! ;)

So, what are your waiting for....GET BUSY....and find your inner Leprechaun. :)

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Wood & Rust!!!

Wood & Rust are ALWAYS in style for me! No matter what time of year, my eye is drawn to the items that have been worn down with rust, the old wooden items that have cracked and aged with time, or both (even better)...those items that are a mixture of wood AND rust!!!! :)

My chopper collection!

These next few pictures represent some of the rusty items that I scales. I have several scales now but shown here are a favorite green one and a picture of my HUGE scale next to a regular sized one. I ALWAYS search for the ALL metal, super rusty scales. :)

Rusty candle mold.....

Next, are wooden items.....I seek out the ones that have cracks, and a worn out look. Lots of patina. I love mashers and wooden spoons!!

Slaw cutters, choppers, old grain scoops and sifters are a fantastic way to mix your love of wood AND rust!!


So, GET BUSY.....and find your rusty worn out treasure!!! :)

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Start of Something New

Child size antique table I received as a Christmas gift!
Perfect for my two new additions!

It had been a real treat this year seeing two families come together as one! We ended the year making gingerbread houses all together as one big group! :) It was a lot of fun watching the older kids help the little ones. :)

Josh & Jillian's house.

Josh was good with a pastry bag! lol

love the look on Jillian's face here

With her finished project :)

Sophi & Dempsey

Garrik with his Zombie house!

My oldest son ...Gage...I was surprised he joined in AND smiled :)

Dempsey with 2 thumbs up for her & Sophi's joint project!
Christmas was a terrific time this year! We had 5 kids to buy for and they were ALL happy and appreciative! My daughter even made the statement that this had been a "Nice Christmas". :) It was even more fun when the SNOW came Dec. 26th!

Me & Josh on Christmas Day 2012

Outside all bundled up after the big snow!!

Our Christmas gift to each other was a trip to see our Ravens play some football!! So off to Cincinnati on Dec. 29th!! The game was set for Dec. 30th but we left a night early. The night we arrived Josh was adamant on taking a carriage ride through the city. Something we had discussed doing before we left. I said that it would be so romantic if it were snowing. It just happen to be snowing Dec. 29th in Cincinnati, so we drove to the city. Little did I know that this was about to be the first and BEST carriage ride I would EVER take.....because he proposed! TOTAL SURPRISE!! :)

I, of course, said YES!!! :)

At the game in our Ravens gear!

Ray Rice & Ray Lewis...if you don't know Ray Lewis he is a VERY inspirational man!

Our fave player Ray Rice! He smiled for me! :)

Here we are outisde the Newport Levee....cold ....brrrr!

At the Funny Bone on New Year's Eve!!!

 We had a terrific time on our trip! My year ended like a fairy tale...which is how I plan on spending the rest of my life. :) Here is to making memories with the one you love. Get busy...and make some of your own. :)